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Hurricane Ike and Wind Uplift Test

Dear Building Owner or Facility Engineer

After the recent storm we at Eco Roofing Systems were overwhelmed with emergency roof repair and replacement inquiries. The majority of the roofs we were called on required total roof replacement but in some cases the insurance companies on would only cover the cost of roof repair. Repairing a roof is fine if you are certain the areas that are not being repaired will not fail in the upcoming months. The high winds of hurricane Ike could have weakened the interplys or mechanical fasteners of the existing roofing system that is not visible to the naked eye. In the upcoming months of Houston’s high temperatures and maybe a tropical depression in the Gulf this could cause the weakened roof system to fail and be very costly for the building owner. There is a solution for this dilemma a noninvasive wind uplift test can be performed on the roofing system in question to prove there was no damage caused by hurricane Ike. (See Attached Pictures) If the roof fails you have documented proof that you can show to your insurance company for reevaluation and if it passes you have the peace of mind that you won’t be out of pocket a very large sum of money when your roof leaks and ruins your inventory. The cost of the test is $1,750 for the 1st setup and pull and $750 for any additional areas if needed.

Thank You

Wind Uplift Test Pictures

Grid Pattern

Painted Outline

Spuding Back Gravel

Sweeping Outline for proper seal

Setting Up For Pull Test

Machine Calibration

Observation Window for Roof Lift Measurement

Observation Window for Roof Lift Measurement

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Hurricane Ike could have weakened your roof without any visible damage. The next storm season is just around the corner and could cause severe damage to your building’s roof and its expensive contents. Let us provide you the peace of mind about the integrity of your roof. Roof replacement is costly “Don’t be a Victim of Ike Twice”

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